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Static Control

Envirosafe Ireland are agents for Fraser Anti Static Techniques and have a wide range of static control products.
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2010 Blowers

2010 Blowers are long distance static eliminators with a strong stainless-steel structure and powerful ionisation performance. 2010 Blowers produce a ...
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Long-Range Anti-Static Ionising Bars

Long-Range Anti-Static Ionising Bars Envirosafe Ireland are channel partners with Fraser Anti Static who supply short-range and long-range anti-static ionising ...
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The NEOS range of static eliminators is a major advance in industrial static control technology. NEOS intelligence monitors and reacts ...
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3024F Anti Static Bar

The 3024F Anti Static Bar is a compact and powerful static eliminator, with built-in electronics, 24V DC supply and powerful ...
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3014 Bar

The 3014 Bar is a compact 24 V DC static eliminator. It is an ideal (and more powerful) alternative to ...
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EX1250 Static Eliminator Bar

The EX1250 Static Eliminator Bar is a high performance static eliminator with ATEX certification for use in hazardous areas. • ...
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1100 Bar

The 1100 Bar static eliminators series are brand-new high performance ionisers for modern manufacturing. A resistive coupling between the high ...
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4510 Air Jet

The 4510 Air Jet uses fast, quiet ionised air for efficient static neutralisation and cleaning. The 4510 Air Jet can ...
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5500 Ionised Airknife

High performance and fan-driven, the 5500 Ionised Airknife is for static neutralisation and cleaning of mouldings, glass, automobiles and other ...
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4125 Airgun

The 4125 is the most powerful airgun for neutralising static electricity and removing dust and other contaminants. Ionised Airguns are ...
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