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Envirosafe Ireland supply the a range of containment enclosures and training courses for handling potent compounds in pharmaceutical laboratories. The enclosures can be fully customised and can be fitted with airflow alarms, toxic waste disposal chute, air extraction, safe-change HEPA filtration, solvent filtration, transfer chambers etc. Units can be bench mounted or supplied with a bench. All enclosures are supported by an Ireland-based installation and maintenance team. Full IQ/OQ is included with installation. Below is an overview of containment devices available from Envirosafe Ireland:


ST e

Potent Powder Containment

Envirosafe Ireland supplies a range of potent powder containment solutions including: Potent Powder Containment ST 1 Balance Enclosures IE Instrument ...
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Clearsphere  e

Downflow Booths

Envirosafe Ireland can provide Downflow Booths, tested to SMEPAC Guidelines, for handling potent powders and solvents.100ug/m3 control performance is achievable ...
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solvent handeling feature

Solvent Handling and Containment

Envirosafe Ireland provides a range of solvent handling and containment solutions: Firstly, producing a single output of LC-MS grade nitrogen ...
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Microbiological Safety Cabinets

Microbiological Safety Cabinets

Envirosafe Ireland offer the Guardian range of Biological Safety Cabinets which provide the best features available in Class II Cabinets ...
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Laminar Flow Cabinets feature

Laminar Flow Cabinets

The Circulaire range of Vertical and Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinets offer unrivaled levels of cleanliness (ISO Class 4) by utilizing ...
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feature picture for noise enclosures

Noise Reduction Enclosures for loud lab equipment

Envirosafe Ireland provides Noise Reduction Enclosures to reduce the noise generated by any kind of loud equipment in laboratories. We ...
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