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Envirosafe Ireland can supply a range of services for cleanrooms including :
  • Cleanroom Design, Build and Validation Services (with Clearsphere)
  • Zipwall Dust Control Barrier
  • Contamination Control Flooring
  • Anti Static Equipment
  • Smoke Generator for visualisation tests
  • Alupod for dust control when working above ceiling tiles
    Stainless steel table

    Stainless Steel

    Envirosafe Ireland supply a wide range of stainless steel changing room furniture. To eliminate any possibility of cross contamination our ...
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    Cleanroon Design and Build

    ​Cleanroom Design and Build

    Cleanroom : Design and Build Envirosafe Ireland offer single-source-solutions for cleanroom requirements and specialise in the following areas:​ Cleanroom Solutions: ...
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    Cleanroom Valdation and Maintenance

    Cleanroom Validation and Maintenance

    Envirosafe Ireland offer cleanroom validation and maintenance e.g. OEL testing, HEPA filter testing, particle counting (viable or non viable), measurement of pressure ...
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    Dycem Contamination Control Flooring

    Polymeric Contamination Control Flooring

    Envirosafe Ireland supplies Polymeric Contamination Control Flooring products which are designed to attract, collect and retain contamination, preventing particles and ...
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    Anti Fatigue Mats

    Envirosafe Ireland provide a range of Anti Fatigue Mats ...
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    Static Control

    Short Range Anti-Static Ionising Bars

    Envirosafe Ireland are channel partners with Fraser Anti Static who supply short-range and long-range anti static ionising bars which neutralise static electricity ...
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    Smoke Generator

    Portable Smoke System - For Cleanroom Environments. The Mini Colt 4S is a variant of the best-selling Colt 4 model ...
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    ZipWall Dust Barrier System

    Envirosafe Ireland supply the ZipWall dust barrier system Zipwall uses spring loaded twist lock poles to securely hold a dust ...
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    Alupod : Mobile Dust Containment

    Mobile Dust Containment Alupod is designed to provide mobile dust and debris containment during maintenance in controlled environments such as ...
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    Air Gun

    ​Dust Removal using Anti-Static Devices

    Dust Removal using Anti-Static Devices and Cleaning of static sensitive materials can be achieved using Fraser guns and nozzles. Envirosafe ...
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    Smoke Test Kit

    Smoke Test Kit

    By using white smoke, the Gastec smoke test kit allows users to quickly monitor airflow movements. In other words, it ...
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