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Case Manager is the only purpose-built SaaS platform designed for large organisations to manage, monitor and report on COVID-19 impacts on their workforces.

The Case Manager platform allows managers, people leads and occupational health staff to progress and monitor each case through a predefined process flow from initial notification, through testing and eventually to recovery and return to work.

An advanced Data Analytics Dashboard allows management to capture key metrics that monitor the health and wellbeing of every case through to recovery.

Paper questionnaires and Excel spreadsheets are poor tools for organisations when all projections point to successive waves of infection and lockdowns for the next 2 years.

Case Manager replaces paper and spreadsheet planning with a streamlined, digitised tool for capturing all case details and progressing the case through a standard workflow – this reduces administration significantly and supports Business Continuity Planning and Site Safety.

Moreover, Case Manager has an Anonymous Mode to protect the identity of cases and close contacts.

Advanced data analytics allow your management teams to quantify and analyse their organisations status and enables real-time, evidence-based decision-making.


CaseManagerCase Manager Features

• Manages Recovery/Return to Work planning for COVID-19 Cases and Close Contacts
• User-friendly
• Secure Web-based platform
• Accessible on any browser
• Advanced Data Analytics & Dashboarding
• Predefined Case Process Flow
• Questionnaire and Process Flow Templates
• Customisable Workflows
• Customisable Case Statuses
• Scalable and Robust
• Technical Support & Training


Typical Deployments

• Whole Site
• Multiple Sites (scalable)
• Adaptable to any organisation size
• Free trial available



Privacy & Security

• Anonymous system (Employee ID number)
• GDPR Compliant (Irish server)
• Secure Cloud Database
• Case information protected


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