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cal 2000lt calibration gas instrumentEnvirosafe Ireland suppy the CAL 2000LT Calibration Gas Instrument (750-0603-LT).

Gases supported: Cl2, H2, H2S, HCN

  • Mass flow feedback and source monitoring provide our highest level of accuracy.
  • 10 and 25 hour sources available
  • CSA certified and intrinsically safe.
  • up to 25 cylinders worth of gas

Field replaceable calibration gas sources (generating cells) provide a calibration standard for accurately testing Chlorine, Hydrogen, Hydrogen Cyanide, and Hydrogen Sulfide gas detectors with a single instrument Calibration gas sources (generating cells) are rated at ten or twenty-five hours over a range of 1 to 25 PPM in whole PPM increments.

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