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Preventing film sticking to rollers on packaging machines, neutralising mouldings on conveyors and keeping sensors clean and free of static are just a few of the many functions that the 1250 Air Bar can carry out.

  • The modern design gives high performance and completely shockless operation.
  • Assisted by an airflow which extends the neutralisation distance to over 500mm.
  • Stay-sharp etched emitters for better long term performance.
  • All electronic components are fully encapsulated for maximum reliability.
  • They are suitable for food, medical, pharmaceutical and many cleanroom applications.
  • Emitters at 10mm pitch provide the most intense field of static neutralisation.
  • Sturdy construction ensures high performance for a long life.
  • Simple to install with fixed mounting studs or studs sliding in slot.
  • Washable and easy to clean.
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