Polyethylene Acid Cabinets

One-piece construction provides excellent resistance to harsh acids and corrosives

Acid CabinetsThese blue, hollow-bodied, polyethylene Acid Cabinets withstand highly corrosive acids and offer maximum protection against chemical corrosion and leaks. Both models are clearly labelled for ACID contents and accept a padlock (not included) for added security

Countertop Cabinet stores up to two 1-quart (4-L) bottles. Door can be hinged from either side for best worktop space utilization. Polyethylene spill tray inside contains leaks and can be removed for easy cleaning. A separate polyethylene tray stores under the cabinet and can be used as a handy work tray.

Under counter Cabinet holds up to thirty 1-quart (4-L) containers. Two segregated compartments each with an adjustable shelf let you store a variety of containers while recessed area in both doors hold small containers. Two removable sumps slide out for easy cleaning of incidental spills. Two vent holes (with removable caps) at rear accommodate pressurized vapour removal systems.