Outdoor Safety Lockers—Non-Combustible

Safe, secure storage for flammables and hazardous chemicals

  • Leakproof, all welded sump with galvanized steel grate flooring.
  • 42-in (1.07-m) wide steel door system with 3-point lock.
  • Chemical and UV resistant coating, inside and out.

Safety LockersProtect people and the environment and meet insurance requirements by
storing hazardous materials in rugged, FM-approved Outdoor Safety Lockers.
Non-combustible construction with heavy gauge steel and built-in secondary
containment, every locker is fully compliant to meet EPA 40 CFR, NFPA 30
and NFPA 1 regulations. Proper chemical storage reduces poison hazards and
accidents, minimizes contamination of chemicals, and prevents unwanted,
costly fines.
Each locker features natural draft ventilation, NFPA 704 diamond decal for
content identification, anchoring plates for hold down protection, and multiple
static grounding connections for maximum safety. Forklift channels permit
easy relocation.
Choose explosion relief panels for the storage of highly volatile Class 1A or
dispensing of Class 1 A and 1B flammables as defined by NFPA – always check
with the local authority having jurisdiction to ensure safety by following all local
regulations, including proper setback requirements.

  1. Air vents on both sides width=
  2. Inside grounding lug
  3. Leakproof sump with
    removable, galvanized
    steel grate floor
  4. High visibility safety strip
  5. Forklift channels
  6. 3-point latching system
  7. Outside grounding lug
    and anchor plate
  8. Explosion relief design with
    blow-out panels



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