Nitrogen Generator - Genius AB-3G Hi-Flow


The Genius AB-3G has been designed to provide a continuous and reliable gas supply to meet the precise requirements of several Sciex LC-MS instruments. A three-gas system, the AB-3G provides nitrogen and dry air to supply curtain, source and exhaust gas. The generator includes three integrated compressors with redundancy, making it a complete standalone solution for mission-critical applications. The AB-3G is based on Genius series of generators: designed mainly for LC-MS applications. The Genius AB-3G are self-contained systems featuring integrated compressors, delivering laboratory-grade nitrogen at a range of pressures and flow rates to satisfy the requirements of a wide selection of instruments.


• Hi-Flow delivers curtain, source and exhaust gas for Sciex LC-MS
• Additional compressor capacity to ensure continuous operation in unlikely event of one compressor failure
• Engineered specifically for Sciex instruments
• Built to ensure uninterrupted supply of gas for clinical applications
• Advanced alarms in the unlikely event of product issues
• Generator has the capacity to self-diagnose to inform when maintenance is required
• Minimal set-up required
• Highly economical source of nitrogen gas with low lifetime running costs
• Gas is supplied on demand so generator works to your schedule
• Compressors are housed in an insulated compartment to reduce noise and vibration
• 12-month comprehensive on-site warranty