Laboratory Gas Generators


LabGenLaboratory Gas Generators – Nitrogen / Hydrogen / Zero Air

Envirosafe Ireland supply Peak Scientific laboratory gas generators.

Peak Scientific are a world-renowned hydrogen generator and nitrogen generator supplier. The Peak Scientific range of products includes the Genius, Infinity and Precision generators, which are small to large scale nitrogen and hydrogen gas systems for the Gas Chromatography (GC) and Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LCMS) markets.

The Genius range are compressor fitted Nitrogen Generators that are a proven solution for customers requiring nitrogen for their LCMS application.

The Infinity range are perpetual flow Nitrogen generators offering a pure and reliable source of gas suitable for a variety of applications in your laboratory.

The Precision range is a newly designed modular gas generator series for single and multiple GC applications.

Smoother, quieter and more efficient than anything else on the market, all Peak Scientific laboratory gas generators offer superb technical performance in the lab, and, of course, service and support come as standard.

Peak Scientific Service & Support is world class. Without fail our expert engineers fix problems at the first visit and you can find them all around the world- not that you will need them very often. Even though our Laboratory Gas Generators take the strain in the lab, they deliver all your gas requirements smoothly, and reliably.

Advantages of Gas Generators over Cylinders