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Pilot Plant/Production Filter Dryers

Pilot Plant/Production Filter Dryers

PSL’s agitated nutsche filter dryers (ANFD) are innovatively designed and engineered to a highly ergonomic and efficient standard. Over 25 years experience provides refined filtration and drying performance along with high levels of safety and quality that meet all industry regulations.

PSL’s agitated nutsche filter dryers (ANFD) feature a differential mixing agitator. The filter drier agitator consists of a series of sharp curved blades that achieves penetration into difficult cakes without undue product stress. When moving and lifting the cake product between the gaps within the filter drier agitator efficient mixing by differential velocities is achieved.

  • cGMP
  • Highly efficient drying due to unique underplate heating systems
  • Minimum gap design allowing reflux cleaning to achieve typically 2.5ppm to non-detectable
  • Minimum solvent volumes beneath mesh for process optimisation
  • Pioneers of direct heel recovery system to improve productivity
  • Special agitator design achieving good mixing/drying filtration even with difficult cakes
  • Totally sealed 1 piece agitators to prevent leakage of heat transfer fluid into the process
  • Very high levels of engineering reliability to ensure low maintenance and successful salability
  • Total interchangeability between cloth and mesh filtration media
  • New integral dust collector design for higher product yield and ease of cleaning
  • Experts in high containment designs manufactured in-houseFilter Dryers

The engineering team and process experts draw on their experience to provide a full range of agitated nutsche filter dryers (ANFD) including standard filtration and drying equipment.


For further information contact us at info@envirosafeireland.ie

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